There are already 130 TTO schools in The Netherlands. That means that at these schools at least half of the lessons are presented in the English language.

For the required certification as a TTO school it is important that the learning proces as well as the results are well documentated.



  • Digital portfolios for everyone

Online communication is normal these days. This can be done face-to-face in a chat, but also using text, sounds and images on social media or via websites.

Leerpodium digital networks offer solutions for all these forms of communication. There are opportunities to work together, but each student also has his/her own personal website.


  • Various task forms, various ways to deliver feedback

There’s a large choice in the sort of tasks a teacher can hand out, which are deployable as formative as well as summative assessments. This could be a simple hand-in to teacher, but also a rubric, a questionnaire or survey, keeping records (maybe in the form of a graph) or a timeline.

All these could be individual tasks or a group task. Tasks can be assessed by teachers, students or both. This can be done verbally (text) and when wanted combined with a mark, a scale, rubric or check.


  • From a global perspective

If desired Leerpodium networks are provided in English, including the interface.

Because WordPress is a large enterprise, external applications are easily integrated. And of course our networks are accessible from all devices

Through time we have constructed some of our own English course materials, but we also make use of the knowledge we acquire through other TTO schools. In this way our TTO network is expanding all the time and is becoming a true community.


  • Our networks are built with and for the users

Our networks are conceived together with the students and teachers who use them. Schools can convey what it is they are in need of and subsequently we implement these functions. This also helps to create the feeling of a community.

To strengthen this community we are often on location to talk with the end users.


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