• Available for iOS

  • Available for Android

  • Receive push notifications

  • Publish content directly with camera and microphone

Leerpodium has an app which provides students with a link to the VLE and their own portfolio. This offers an easy accessible way to publish on their portfolio or hand in tasks with the camera and microphone on their device.

They can also react to posts of their fellow students and receive push notifications for new messages or assessments.


  • Log in on one system

  • One username and password

‘Single sign on’ means just one log in needed. The users log in once and automatically gain access to multiple applications and resources in a network.

Leerpodium has various solutions that support single sign on. For example:

Kennisnet Entree Federatie for secundary schools
SURFconext voor higher education
LDAP / AD: log in via de school’s Active directory


  • Check work that has been handed in, but also texts of blogposts on plagiarism

Leerpodium has an integration with Turnitin for plagiarism control. Many Dutch colleges and universities already make use of this service. Within Leerpodium a teacher can see a score for each handed in work, if there is a similarity with known resources. After clicking through the options the teacher sees a similarity-reportĀ with all the resemblances to the original source.


  • Share audio, video, presentations or your screen with participants.

  • Use polls to activate your learners.

De VLE also integrates with an online classroom. The teacher can present work but also draw and write on the interactive whiteboard as well as give learners presentation capacity. The online classroom has many classroom management tools.

In this way it is also possible to work on the whiteboard together with the learners. Other functions are sharing notes, webcams and breakout rooms. Sessions can be recorded for later use.


  • Develop rich and interactive learning experiences based on HTML5 and embed these in resources and or tasks.

Leerpodium utilizes an integration with the powerful library H5P in order to provide teachers with many options to develop interactive learning experiences. H5P is open source technology and provides various learning activities, like memory, interactive reader, collage, dictate, drag-and-drop exercise, hotspots, fill-in-the-blanks and many more.

Read more about the available types and applications here.


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