What is an art portfolio?

The new CKV syllabus has put even more emphasis on the reporting of learners activities an accomplishments. At the end of the school career the school is obligated to present an art portfolio for each student. In this portfolio the learner has to show just what he/she experienced/learned/discovered concerning art and culture during his/her school career.

Leerpodium portfolios are web based and are accessible through all devices. A student can add and edit material on any given moment. This means ideas, sketches and experiences can be collected and published in text or using all kinds of of media.

Teachers and peers can provide feedback in various ways. Using rubrics, a scale, a mark or written commentary.

The CKV portfolio can be connected to other subjects or learning areas. A student can take his portfolio with him to a different school and it can also serve as a professional website later on.


IVKO¬† uses digital portfolio’s to visualise their learners development in art education.

The school started their search for a digital portfolio with two things in mind:

  • Art teachers wanted a platform where learners could ahre their artwork with teachers and other students.
  • Other teachers were looking for a way to develop cross-curricular material for their individual students.

The Leerpodium portfolio’s fulfilled both wishes. Teachers can set out individual tasks. Learners can provide each other with feedback or can have work assessed by teachers, parents or experts in the field. Students are the sole owner of their portfolio. They can decide what is is they want to publish.

Learners make lots of art work: theatre productions, visual arts, VR paintings. We think it’s important that these pupils can show their work to their parents or to follow-up schooling. It’s our own digital exposition.

Kim Wannet, Headmaster IVKO


Students produce a lot of artwork during their school career which is worth saving. By photographing this work during the lessons, the learner builds up a rich collection. These are not only handy for evaluation, but are also fun to keep for later


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