LOB as continuous learning path

On all levels of schooling learners are expected to maintain a career file. Schools are however free to choose in which way they wish to do this so it fits their vision and policy. As long as they abide the governing laws.

Leerpodium has built online solutions for this. All activities a learner might undertake concerning LOB are automatically taken along in the build-up of this file.

The portfolio can be taken along to further education and can also be used as a professional website after a school career

What can you do with a LOB portfolio?


  • Various forms of tasks and feedback

With the task form ‘keeping records’students can share all their LOB activities online. For example their internship, or a weekly update on their progress. This progress can be monitored by the teacher and he can also provide feedback, which the learner can read even if he isn’t at school.

A rubric is a quick way to see which competences a learner thinks he/she possesses. These rubrics can also be assessed by a fellow student or a guest teacher.

The teacher and student can have daily online consultation, This also can become part of the LOB portfolio.


  • Optimal guiding, coaching and steering

Using the task form ‘keeping records’ the learner can write up all hie or het experiences in the form of a logbook.

The teacher can decide what the components of the log are to be (date, activity, proof, reflection etc.)


  • Online resume can become professional website

During a school career a student builds on his or her portfolio which can be shaped any way the student wishes.

Using a simple export/import function (really no more than two clicks) the student is able to use the website for further education or as a professional website.


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