Congratulations on your graduation! 🙂

If you want to take your portfolio with you, you have the following options:

Static export

  • You will receive a download link to a zip file containing all content from your portfolio (blog posts, pages and all files)
  • You can view this collection of files as a static website (off-line).
  • You will have all the content from your portfolio with this option, but you will not be able to continue developing it as a full-fledged website.

Export to a WordPress site of your own

  • You arrange your own WordPress hosting package. You also register your own domain name (optional)
  • Then you export the content of your portfolio yourself via the WordPress export function.
  • This gives you an xml file that you can import into your own (empty) WordPress website.
  • You will have transferred all the content from your portfolio, but the design (theme and theme settings, logo, etc.) will not be transferred with this.
  • You install and configure your own theme so that your site is redesigned.

Moving service to your own WordPress site

20one time
  • You arrange your own WordPress hosting package. You also register your own domain name (optional)
  • You give Leerpodium (temporarily) the login details of an account with admin rights.
  • Then an employee of Leerpodium moves your portfolio in its entirety to your self-hosted WordPress website.
  • The entire content of your portfolio is then transferred, including design.

Moving service to maakpodium

2,50monthly (moving service included)
  • You instruct Leerpodium to move your portfolio to a hosting package specifically designed for art school graduates
  • Leerpodium takes care of moving and hosting your portfolio to a domain name
  • You can optionally have your own site linked to a community of graduates within Maakpodium.
  • Then you can (continue to) share content with fellow students/graduates from AHK and ArtEZ, among others, who have also chosen to do so.
  • The community also offers a shared calendar, calls for assignments and functions for networking.
  • The community is developed in close cooperation with members, so you will have a say in its ongoing development.

Use the form below to submit your choice. Leerpodium will then contact you to go through your steps.